Basement Waterproofing - Alternative to Conventional Carpet for the Basement | Ask the Expert

In this video, a customer from Statesboro, GA, is worried about the smelly carpet in the basement. She knows she will need to replace it and asks Rob Videon about safe carpeting alternatives for her basement.


Lowcountry Basement Systems has the perfect product for this situation and for any customer who’d like to enjoy the comfort of a carpeted floor in the basement, but doesn’t want the bad odors and mold problems associated with a regular carpet: ThermalDry Carpet Tiles.

A basement floor becomes smelly due to the basement floor being made of concrete, which is very porous and sits straight on wet ground. Some level of water is always infiltrating the slab, and when you lay conventional carpet and padding on top of it, these materials will absorb water and eventually grow mold.

ThermalDry carpet tiles are designed specifically for basements, and have many features that make them more suitable for basement environments than regular carpet.

Below are a few of them:


  • ThermalDry Tiles are 100% waterproof and mold resistant.
  • Floating, interlocking tiles are installed directly on the basement floor, no subfloor needed.
  • Carpeted surface is raised from the slab by a system of pegs that allow air to circulate underneath and dry out moisture from the slab.
  • Air pocket underneath the tile provides some insulation, making the walking surface and average of 10 degrees warmer than the slab.
  • Tiles that get stained or damaged, they can be removed and replaced individually, without disturbing the surrounding tiles.
  • ThermalDry Tiles come in many other finishing options, besides carpet, including vinyl tile and faux wood parquet. 

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