Crawl Space Repair Case Studies: High Humidity in Twin City, GA, Crawl Space Addressed with Custom Solution

Tuesday, October 3rd, 2017 by Michael Connolly


Derwin of Twin City, GA was advised by his pest control company to install a vapor barrier in his crawl space. Derwin said he was not experiencing any problems with microbial growth in his house. His floors were fine, he said.

Lowcountry Basement Systems inspector, Billy Brandenburg documented the relative humidity at 82.2 percent. Wood content moisture readings were taken at 16.2 and 18.2 percent.

Derwin had lived in the house since 1989. He was forced into retirement at age 61 due to a foot ulcer. He wanted a good vapor barrier but it would have to fit in a tight budget.


Billy Brandenburg of Lowcountry Basement Systems designed a custom crawl space solution for Derwin. The 12 crawl space vents that allowed water to enter the crawl space were sealed off with CrawlSpace Vent Covers. The covers are made from rugged PVC and are immune to damage caused by moisture.

The two leaky crawl space doors were upgraded. Everlast Crawl Space doors were installed in their places, boosting performance.

Installers covered the earth in the crawl space with CleanSpace Drainage Matting. The matting, explained Billy, would significantly reduce moisture vapor from getting in the crawl space. The concrete piers were wrapped in CleanSpace liner.

The job was completed in two days.

Project Summary

CrawlSpace Vent Cover: 12

EverLast Crawl Space Door: 2

CleanSpace Liner: 55 sq. ft.

CleanSpace Drainage Matting: 1950 sq. ft.

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