Lowcountry Foundation Repair Case Studies: North Charleston, SC Moisture Vapor Installed in Crawl Space

Tuesday, July 25th, 2017 by Michael Connolly


Thomas B. of North Charleston, SC owned a 30-plus-year-old home. Snakes, rats and other rodents lived inside his crawl space. Thomas also complained of failing insulation, and dampness when he called Lowcountry Basement Systems to schedule his inspection. 


Brian Hunter of Lowcountry Basement Systems inspected Thomas’s crawl space. He recommended sealing off the crawl space from the outside environment.

Brian measured the walls and the support columns, he calculated 1,836 sq. ft. of Clean Space Linear would be needed to cover the earth, foundation walls and support columns. The 20-mil linear was designed specifically to prevent moisture entering the crawl space, and is tear resistant to prevent animals from getting into the area.

Clean Space Vent Covers were installed at all 18 locations to prevent unwanted air from the outside from entering the crawl space. Ground water that would normally enter the crawl space was collected via 111 linear ft. of SmartPipe, and channeled to a SmartSump with alarm.

To remove humidity from the air, a SaniDry Sedona dehumidifier was installed. Moisture collected from the Sedona was piped to the SmartSump to be removed from the area. A EverLast Crawl Space door replaced the old door, completely sealing out the outside air.

Project Summary

Cleanspace Liner 20 mil: 1,836 ft.

EverLast Crawl Space door: 1

SaniDry Sedona: 1

SmartPipe: 111 ft.

SmartSump: 1

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