Lowcountry Foundation and Crawl Space Repair Before & After Photos

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Crawlspace Encapsulation in Saint Stephen, SC

This homeowner noticed a bad smell and high moisture in the crawlspace. After researching the issue, they called us at Lowcountry Foundation Repair interested in doing a CleanSpace encapsulation. Our team came and installed the encapsulation for the crawlspace to seal off the unwanted moisture.

Resolving Settling Pillar Concerns with SmartJacks in Eloree, SC

In Eloree, SC, a homeowner reached out to Lowcountry Foundation Repair with concerns about settling pillars affecting the foundation of their residence. Our System Design Specialist conducted a meticulous inspection, identifying specific areas in the crawl space impacted by settling. Proposing a practical solution, the SmartJack Support System was implemented, systematically addressing the settling issues with precision. This calculated intervention successfully restored structural stability, showcasing Lowcountry Foundation Repair's commitment to methodical problem resolution in Eloree.

Crawl Space Support Posts in Cross, SC

This home in Cross, SC had an unlevel floor with sagging in multiple areas and cracks appearing on the walls above doorways. Our team was able to bring stability to the floor by installing the SmartJack Support System, providing supplemental support to the areas with missing or failed support posts. Our heavy-duty crawl space jacks are designed to withstand poor soil conditions, are galvanized for rust resistance, and provide the opportunity to attempt to lift the floor closer to a more level position -then stabilize it in place.

Dirty and Wet Crawlspace

This crawl space in Orangeburg, SC was extremely dirty and had moisture issues.They called Lowcountry Foundation Repair and with a free inspection they found a solution to the problem. The CleanSpace® Crawl Space Vapor Barrier System Lowcountry uses protects against pooling water, ground moisture, and high air humidity. By sealing off a dirt crawl space from moisture, the foundation remains unharmed by the high humidity levels that lead to rotting wood. The homeowners were amazed by the final results!

High Humidity in Crawlspace Orangeburg, SC

This home in Orangeburg, SC had water collecting on the walls of the crawlspace. The owner called us at Lowcountry Foundation Repair and our team installed a vapor system complete with a dehumidifier and sump pump to control the high humidity levels in the crawlspace.

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