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Musty Odor in Home Solved With Encapsulation in Columbus, GA

The homeowner was concerned about a musty odor in their home. They were worried that it could be harming their respiratory health over time and needed the issue fixed. Through some research, they learned that as much as 40% of the air in a home comes up through the crawlspace, where air pollutants, like mold, flourish. They called Lowcountry Foundation Repair for an inspection, and sure enough, there was a moisture issue in their crawlspace. Our inspector recommended an encapsulation to turn the space under the home into a clean, moisture-controlled environment.

Encapsulation in Columbus, GA

The homeowner was checking their home for repairs and found that their crawlspace had a moisture issue. The insulation of their subfloor had become wet from the moisture and fell down, and there was mold growth starting on the wood as well. They called Lowcountry Foundation repair for an inspection and customized solution, and decided to go with getting an encapsulation. The encapsulation turned the crawlspace into a moisture-controlled environment, protecting the wood foundation and bringing any existing mold into a dormant state. The homeowner was very pleased with the results.

Nasty Crawl Space in Midland, GA

Lowcountry Foundation Repair installed CleanSpace in this crawl space to seal out moisture and pests. 

Sloping Floors & Sticking Doors Fixed in Ellerslie, GA

This homeowner was fed up with one of their doors that wouldn't open and close without a hard pull. Their floor also seemed to slope towards the middle of the home. They called Lowcountry Foundation Repair for an inspection and found that the sloping area of the home lacked any support piers. They decided to go with a customized solution including our SmartJack System to relevel and support the floor.

SmartJacks Support Floor in Waverly Hall, GA

The homeowner noticed their hardwood floor appeared to be cracking and lifting up. They called Lowcountry Foundation Repair for an inspection and found that the support piers under the home were not sufficient enough to support the weight of the home, causing the floor to be uneven, resulting in cracking of the hardwood floors. The homeowner decided to go with our customized SmartJack System and was relieved to have their floor resupported.

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