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Hardwood Floors Cup Due to Humidity Level in Crawl Space, Lowcountry Basement Systems Fixes the Problem for Forsyth, GA Homeowner!

Andrew K. of Forsyth, GA had a moisture problem in his crawl space. The moisture level was high, and his hardwood floors started to absorb the moisture, causing them to cup. Andrew did not like the cupping and called Lowcountry Basement Systems to help him protect his home from the moisture in his crawl space.

Lowcountry Basement Systems installed a Complete CleanSpace Encapsulation to remove the moisture and reduce the humidity in the crawl space. By sealing the crawl space off from the earth, the home would be protected from the moisture. After two weeks, the crawl space dried out, allowing the hardwood floors to release the moisture and uncup. Andrew was very happy to have his hardwood floors back to normal.


Hump in Floor Remedied with SmartJacks in Forsyth, GA

Jennifer Z. of Forsyth, GA had a large hump in her floor. The rug covering the area clearly showed a problem but Jennifer didn’t know what to do about it and was afraid of the problem. After some time, she finally called Lowcountry Basement Systems for help.

Lowcountry Basement Systems was able to help Jennifer by installing a SmartJack System in the crawl space. SmartJacks are galvanized steel crawl space support piers that are capable of supporting 60,000 pounds each! The Lowcountry Basement Systems team installed five SmartJacks and three PowerBrace beams in the crawl space to fix the floor.


Cracked Foundation Supported with Push Piers in Forsyth, GA

Jeremy C. of Forsyth, GA called Lowcountry Basement Systems concerned that his home might be settling. The foundation wall had cracked near the crawl space vents. Lowcountry Basement Systems was able to help Jeremy by stabilizing the foundation with a Push Pier System.

Four push piers were installed around the foundation wall where the house was sinking. After the push piers were pushed to load bearing strata the weight of the home was transferred to the push piers, stabilizing the home. The foundation was then hydraulically lifted back into place. The foundation took one day to fix and Jeremy was thrilled!


Flooring Problem Reveals Foundation Settlement in Musella, GA, Fixed by Lowcountry Basement Systems

Robin R. of Musella, GA had a flooring problem. The piers under her home weren’t supporting the joists like they did when the home was built: the piers were sinking into the ground, causing the floors in the home to sink. Robin could tell something wasn’t right with floor. It felt soft, she said.

After doing some research online, she came across Lowcountry Basement Systems’ website and decided to call for help. Lowcountry Basement Systems was able to stabilize Robin’s floor with crawl space support piers, called SmartJacks.

Robin needed five SmartJacks to fix the sinking floor. The work was completed in one day and she was thrilled to walk on solid floors once more.


Complete Encapsulation in Smarr, GA Crawl Space

The Lowcountry Basements Systems team transformed this damp, nasty crawl space into a healthy, usable storage space. 

Our team of professionals came in and installed a CleanSpace Vapor Barrier liner, successfully sealing out moisture, pests, and humidity.

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