Lowcountry Foundation Repair Before & After Photos

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PolyLevel Eliminates a Tripping Hazard for Church Goers in Fort Valley, GA

PolyLevel lifted sinking concrete back into place, eliminating a tripping hazard at this church.  

Sinking Patio Lifted with PolyLevel in Fort Valley, GA

This Fort Valley, GA homeowner became concerned about his foundation when he noticed his front patio was sinking by a couple of inches. After seeing a Lowcountry Basement Systems truck, he decided to call and schedule an appointment to receive a free estimate. 

Lowcountry Basement Systems sent Brian Hunter to inspect the patio. He suggested that the patio be lifted with PolyLevel, a high-density polyurethane that is injected through a dime-sized hole in the concrete. It expands beneath the concrete slab to lift it back to its desired height.

The homeowner was amazed by the results! After just two days of installation, his patio was back to level. 

Sinking Foundation Supported in Fort Valley, GA

These Fort Valley, GA homeowners called Lowcountry Basement Systems with a problem. Their floors were unlevel and sagging in some spots. They worried that their house was leaning. They needed to talk to foundation repair experts, so they called Lowcountry Basement Systems.

An inspector from Lowcountry Basement Systems inspected the foundation and discovered that piers in the crawl space were not providing enough support to the foundation of the house. It was recommended to install a SmartJack System. SmartJacks can support up to 60,000-pounds, and are adjustable. The unlevel floors were fixed in less than a day, and they were thrilled!


Damn, Humid Crawl Space Encapsulated, Problems Prevented in Fort Valley, GA

Don S. of Fort Valley, GA had condensation on his HVAC ducts in his crawl space. He called Lowcountry Basement Systems interested in a vapor barrier. Lowcountry Basement Systems sent an inspector to Don’s home to examine the moisture problem in the crawl space.

Lowcountry Basement Systems installed a Complete CleanSpace Encapsulation System to remove moisture and reduce humidity in the crawl space. The project took three days to complete. Don noticed the results two weeks later when his HVAC system didn’t have to run as long to cool his home. Don saved money on his electric bill, and he could now prevent wood rot, mold and other moisture related problems in his crawl space.


Subfloor Replacement Needed After Moisture Damages Joists, Beams and Subfloor in Fort Valley, GA

Rebecca C. of Fort Valley, GA had a moisture problem in her crawl space which, over time, lead to mold, wood root and very soft floors in her home. The problem was so bad that the subfloor needed to be replaced.

Lowcountry Basement Systems was able to fix the crawl space by replacing the subfloor, joists and some of the beams supporting the home. After the woodwork was done, the crawl space was encapsulated with a Complete CleanSpace Encapsulation System to prevent the moisture related problems from occurring again.

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