Lowcountry Foundation and Crawl Space Repair Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I buy CleanSpace® products to do it myself for my crawl space?

  • Our products are not for "Do It Yourself" projects.
  • We offer transferable warranties which would not be available unless installed by us.
  • We employ only highly skilled System Design Specialists and Installers to complete a permanent solution for your crawl space.

Q. Can I just put down a plastic liner in my crawl space purchased from the hardware store?

Ans. Thin plastic, such as 6 mil polyethylene, easily rips and gets punctured when you crawl on it and must be frequently repaired or replaced. While it may reduce the moisture some, it is difficult to attach it to the walls and completely seal out moisture and water vapor. This plastic will also break down and become brittle over time. A plastic liner alone won't solve your crawl space issues.

Think of it this way...if you discovered you had a leaky roof, you wouldn't just throw a piece of thin plastic over it to fix it. Well, you may temporarily, but the most effective and long term solution would be to have it fixed properly by a professional roofer. Protect your investment and fix your crawl space right the first time!

Q. If I just install a dehumidifier and seal the vents, won't that take care of the moisture problem?

Ans. There is just too much ground moisture and humidity in the crawl space for a dehumidifier to handle all by itself. Due to the stack effect, air flows upward into your home from the crawl space. The earth is damp and having a dirt crawl space allows a continuous flow of water vapor into your home. Damp air that flows into your home takes more energy to heat and cool. The CleanSpace® liner helps to eliminate water vapor from moving upward into the house. It also deters intruding rodents, snakes, pests and smells from your damp dirt crawl space.

Q. After I have my crawlspace encapsulated, do I need to have it re-insulated?

Ans. If your current insulation is moldy, we will suggest having it removed. After installing the CleanSpace® system, you won't need to worry about replacing it. By sealing the vents and air leaks and installing CleanSpace, you will notice a huge difference in the temperature of the floor above and your home will be more energy efficient!

Q. Can I just spray foam insulation in my crawl space instead of putting down the CleanSpace® system?

Ans. As stated on the U.S. Department of Energy's website, to effectively insulate your crawl space for energy efficiency and to create a comfortable home, you need to properly control moisture in your crawl space.

Spray foam is a great product for walls and attic spaces, however it doesn't address the main problem in a dirt crawl space - moisture. The wood members in the crawl space will still be exposed to moisture from the ground. There are only two primary ingredients needed for rot and mold to thrive: one is organic material, like the wood beneath a home, and the second is water. Replacing the wood in a house is practically impossible, and very costly. So, the only avenue to preventing structural damage and those musty smells is to eliminate the moisture by installing a CleanSpace® Encapsulation System.

A more effective approach to foam insulation is to insulate the foundation walls, rather than the sub-floor, before the proper encapsulation system has been installed. Ask your design specialist about this option.

Q. How much do you charge to waterproof and encapsulate a crawl space?

Ans. Each crawl space is different. We have more than 30 patented products that we use to design a system specifically for your crawl space and your specific problems and needs. Because of this reason, we offer a free evaluation, with no obligation, to take a closer look at the area. At that time, we will make the proper recommendations and provide you with a free written estimate.

Looking for a price? Get a no cost, no obligation free estimate.

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