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Moisture Concerns in Juliette, GA Crawl Space

A homeowner in Juliette, GA was worried about mold in his crawl space. Lowcountry Basement Systems installed a CleanSpace Encapsulation System to reduce humidity and remove moisture from the crawl space preventing microbial growth from growing. 

Our CleanSpace Vapor Barrier liner acts as a barrier between your crawl space and the elements that are typical within a crawl space; moisture, humidity, and pests. 

Moldy Crawl Space Transformed in Juliette, GA

Mold and fungus were growing in this Juliette, GA crawl space stinking up the house. Not knowing what to do, the homeowner called Lowcountry Basement Systems. He knew they fixed foundation issues, so he called and scheduled an inspection.

A SmartDrain was first installed in the crawl space, allowing water to be returned to the earth, and then a Complete CleanSpace Encapsulation System was added to seal the crawl space and to turn the damp, dirty, moldy crawl space into a clean, dry space where mold can’t grow.


Basketball Court Releved in Lizella, GA

A homeowner in Lizella, GA was concerned that his concrete slab, used for a basketball court and helicopter pad, was starting to sink. We installed PolyLEVEL to lift the slab and create a level surface.

Lizella, GA Homeowner with Cupping Floors Turns to Lowcountry Basement Systems for Help

Kirk W. of Lizella, GA had a moisture problem in his crawl space. The moisture was being absorbed by the subfloor, causing the flooring to cup. Lowcountry Basement Systems fixed the moisture problem by installing a Complete CleanSpace Encapsulation System to remove moisture and reduce humidity.

PolyLevel Eliminates a Tripping Hazard for Church Goers in Fort Valley, GA

PolyLevel lifted sinking concrete back into place, eliminating a tripping hazard at this church.  

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