Lowcountry Foundation Repair Case Studies: Old Savannah Home Entrusted to Lowcountry Basement Systems

Tuesday, August 8th, 2017 by Michael Connolly


Diane P. of Savannah, GA lived in an older part of the community, her house was built in 1928 and that brought different challenges to her foundation than most new homes would have. Specifically, her crawl space would get doused with water every time it rained. Her neighbors coming and going in their cars caused her crawl space to flood often.


Brian Hunter of Lowcountry Basement Systems inspected the area. He recommended sealing off the crawl space from the outside environment, including the constant rainwater splashes.

The first step to seal off the environment was debris removal. The crawl space was cleaned up; wet, moldy and semi-decomposed material was removed. Just over 1,600 ft. of subfloor insulation was removed during the process.

Drainage matting was laid on top of the barren earth. The dimples in the plastic were designed to help water flow under the CleanSpace Linear above. The project required 1,608 sq. ft. of CleanSpace Linear, 36 sq. ft. of it were used to wrap the existing crawl space piers.

A specialty product, similar in function to corrugated pipe, SmartPipe was installed along the perimeter of the foundation with water collected draining into a SmartSump Pump with alarm. One SaniDry Sedona dehumidifier was installed in the crawl space. Moisture collected from the air was channeled to the SmartSump for removal. Water was pumped outside the home dripping out through an IceGuard.

An EverLast Crawl Space Door replaced the old door. The five vent covers in the crawl space were sealed with CleanSpace Vent Covers.

The solution Brian proposed sealed the crawl space off from the earth, outside air and water splashes from the neighbors’ cars. 

Project Summary

Debris Removal:

Drainage Matting: 1608 sq. ft.

CleanSpace Linear: 1608 sq. ft.

EverLast Crawl Space Door: 1

SaniDry Sedona: 1

IceGuard: 1

SmartSump: 1

CleanSpace Vent Covers: 5

SmartPipe: 178 ft.

Dumpster: 1

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