What Type of Foundation Do I Have?

Monday, November 5th, 2018 by Michael Connolly

Not everyone knows what type of foundation is supporting their home. If you don’t know whether you a have a crawl space, or if your home was built on a slab, this blog can help you determine what type of foundation you have.

The two most common types of foundations in the Southeast are slabs and crawl spaces.

A slab foundation is made when the builder pours concrete on top of the earth, then builds the home on top of the concrete slab. Usually the slab is about four to six inches thick. Here you can see this house sits on a slab of concrete.

What Type of Foundation Do I Have? - Image 1

A crawl space foundation has support pillars under the home that support the entire structure. There is a short area between the dirt of the earth and the subfloor of the home. Usually there are vents that allow outside air in the crawl space. Heights in a crawl space can range, but most of the crawl spaces we see are about two to three feet tall.

Pictured is a crawl space door that can be opened for maintenance or pest control.

What Type of Foundation Do I Have? - Image 2

Identifying the type of foundation you have is important for identifying issues and concerns. If you have any questions about your foundation, give us a call! We would be happy to help.



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