What Does Summertime Humidity Mean for Your Crawl Space?

Thursday, August 26th, 2021 by Kristen Owenby

As temperatures rise this summer, so will moisture in the air. Warm air always holds more moisture than cool air—compromising both your health and home.

With heavy moisture in the air, you risk more bacteria and mold growth in your home. Particularly in smaller, compact areas like crawlspaces, moisture easily gathers and settles on vulnerable spots like drywall, wood, insulation, and more.

Moisture creates mold, which emits odors that rise into living spaces and aggravate allergies, asthma, and respiratory conditions. It also can give residents nasty headaches! In addition to mold, moisture soaks through wood and creates rot. Rot destroys wood-bearing joists and beams, which means huge repair costs.  

Humidity is not a negligible issue and will eventually impact the rest of the home if left unchecked. Master Services offers several products that keep humidity from ravaging crawlspaces.

A SaniDry Dehumidifier keeps moisture out of crawlspaces while also maintaining ideal levels of humidity in the residence. It features automatic drainage, a filter that removes mold spores and dust mites, and a humidistat that shuts off the system when desired relative humidity is achieved to save energy. The system also reduces the chance that termites and other insects will settle into the space.

An encapsulation system also provides protection against water vapor. Our CleanSpace® Crawl Space Vapor Barrier prevents moisture and water vapor from passing through and resting on surfaces where it can create mold. It’s composed of mold-resistant material and is installed along the walls and floor of the crawlspace. In addition to preventing mold, the liner converts the area into a neat and sanitary storage place!

These systems are your best defense as summer settles over Georgia and South Carolina and creates hot, moisture-rich temperatures. To learn more about how Lowcountry Foundation Repair keeps water out of your home, contact us today for a free inspection. 


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