Top 4 Signs of a Nasty Crawl Space

Thursday, August 26th, 2021 by Kristen Owenby

While you probably will never want to curl up for a nap in your crawlspace, there are standards for how it should be maintained. 

Whatever happens in your crawlspace will eventually impact the rest of the home, harming property value and the health of residents.

Here are four signs of a nasty crawlspace:

  1. Moisture. Moisture works inside crawlspaces and settles on vulnerable surfaces, like wood, drywall, insulation, and more. Where there’s continual moisture, there’s mold.
  2. Mold. Thanks to moisture, mold will settle into crawlspaces. Mold not only creates disgusting odors that ascend into the upper levels of the home but worsens asthma and respiratory sensitivities. It also summons pests.
  3. Pests. Insects, reptiles, and other small creatures are attracted to the foul odors and dank conditions of a neglected crawlspace. They creep inside, lay nests, and eventually die—attracting other critters as they do. The odor of mold is now compounded by the smell of rotting pests!
  4. Rot. The conditions that create mold also invite rot, which destroys supportive elements like joists and beams. Without intervention, the upper levels begin to slope, sink, and creak. Doors and windows become “stuck” and difficult to open or close. Interior and exterior cracks form along walls. If the damage isn’t addressed, it worsens and decreases property value.


Your crawlspace should be kept as dry and sanitary as possible. Our team has years of experience keeping water out of below-grade spaces, and we install the best products in the industry. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we keep nastiness out of your crawlspace.



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