Photo Album: Damp, Moldy Crawl Space Encapsulated in Mount Pleasant, SC

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Betty P. of Mount Pleasant, SC had a leaking crawl space. Every time it rained, musty, damp smells plagued her house, In the winter, the floors throughout the home were cold. Frustrated, Betty researched how to get rid of musty odors in a home and came across She looked through photos and read customer testimonials about others with similar problems. Her issues were common! She filled out a form for a free inspection.

An inspector from Lowcountry Basement Systems visited Betty’s home for a free evaluation. The inspector photographed the interior and underneath the home and noted fallen insulation, debris on the crawl space floor and microbial growth on the joists, subfloor and some of the beams. The inspector informed Betty that the smells in her house were coming from the dampness of the crawl space and recommend a Complete CleanSpace Encapsulation System be installed to reduce moisture and removing excess humidity.

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