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At Lowcountry Basement Systems we focus on solving moisture, mold issues, and even flooding in crawl spaces. Moisture, mold, and flooding issues in crawl spaces are caused by ground moisture, thermal break, and infiltration of air. Although the solution to crawl space issues varies from case to case, whether it be adding a dehumidifier, seal your crawl space, or installing a sump pump in your crawl space. Lowcountry has the solution to reduce crawl space humidity in your home.

Apartment Crawlspace Encapsulation in Savannah, GA

This apartment in Savannah, GA was having moisture issues in the crawlspace. The moisture readings were very high, putting the foundation at risk for wood rot and mold growth. The owner of the apartment was proactive in calling Lowcountry Foundation Repair before any serious damages could happen from the affects of moisture over time. One of our inspectors came out for a free inspection and custom quote to fix the issue, and the homeowner decided to move forward with the inspector's recommendation to encapsulate the crawlspace. The result was a moisture controlled space, effectively protecting the foundation from harm.

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