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At Lowcountry Basement Systems we focus on solving moisture, mold issues, and even flooding in crawl spaces. Moisture, mold, and flooding issues in crawl spaces are caused by ground moisture, thermal break, and infiltration of air. Although the solution to crawl space issues varies from case to case, whether it be adding a dehumidifier, seal your crawl space, or installing a sump pump in your crawl space. Lowcountry has the solution to reduce crawl space humidity in your home.

Floor Replaced and Supported in Rincon, GA

This home in Rincon, GA had a floor that was failing. The floor was unlevel and shaped like a bowl. The homeowner had some moisture issues that they were aware of that they believed to be the culprit. They found Lowcountry Foundation Repair online and were interested in both having their floor fixed and controlling their moisture problem. They called Lowcountry and had one of the inspectors come out to look over the problem. The inspector found that the joists under the home were rotten and growing mold from high moisture. Many of the joists were broken completely in half. Not only that, but there were large unsupported areas of the home with heavy appliances and furniture above them. The inspector wrote up a complete solution to fix the issue, including replacement of the floor, a CleanSpace® Encapsulation System to seal off & control moisture, and a SmartJack® Stabilization System to provide sufficient support where there was none at all. The homeowner decided to move forward with Lowcountry doing the project, and here are the results!


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