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At Lowcountry Basement Systems we focus on solving moisture, mold issues, and even flooding in crawl spaces. Moisture, mold, and flooding issues in crawl spaces are caused by ground moisture, thermal break, and infiltration of air. Although the solution to crawl space issues varies from case to case, whether it be adding a dehumidifier, seal your crawl space, or installing a sump pump in your crawl space. Lowcountry has the solution to reduce crawl space humidity in your home.

Fixing Sloping Floors in an Addition Above the Garage

This garage with an apartment addition above it was having settlement issues partly due to being located near a river. The homeowner mentioned that when the garage was built by previous owners, instead of using only backfill soil, a lot of bricks and tree roots were thrown in as well. Unfortunately, tree roots degrade over time, causing the foundation to sink as the roots deteriorate. Gaije, one of our foremen at Lowcountry Foundation Repair, talks about the signs of the issue and how our team supported & leveled the home.

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