Crawl Space Repair Case Studies: Large Home In Savannah, GA Has Floors Leveled With SmartJacks and Complete CleanSpace Encapsulation System Installed

Tuesday, December 4th, 2018 by Michael Connolly


George M. of Savannah, GA called Lowcountry Basement Systems with a problem. The floor of his 82-year-old home was sloping down toward the main entrance of his house. The home underwent a major renovation 18 years ago. However, there was inadequate support for the subfloor.


Lowcountry Basement Systems sent an inspector to do a thorough investigation of the foundation. In addition to the sagging floors, the inspector noted high levels of humidity in the crawl space. It was recommended by the inspector to install a Complete CleanSpace Encapsulation System to dramatically reduce the humidity levels in the crawl space. The subfloor could be properly supported with the installation of a SmartJack System.

The large subfloor required 24 PowerBraces (I-beams that have a rust-resistant zinc coating), supported by SmartJacks. SmartJacks are made of galvanized steel and can support 60,000 lbs. In total, 32 SmartJacks were required to stabilize and lift the sloping subfloor.

After the SmartJacks were installed, the Lowcountry Basement Systems crew installed the Complete CleanSpace Encapsulation System to reduce humidity levels and remove moisture from the crawl space. The project required 3,296 sq. ft. of CleanSpace liner to cover the earth. An additional 396 linear ft. were used to cover the walls and wrap the 70 piers in the crawl space.

Two SaniDry dehumidifiers were needed to remove moisture from the crawl space air. Water collected from the dehumidifiers would be pumped via a condensate pump to a SmartDrain where the water would return to the earth. An EverLast Crawl Space Door was installed to seal the crawl space and prevent moisture from coming in through the entrance. The crawl space vents were sealed.

It took the Lowcountry Basement Systems team five days in total to install the SmartJack System and the Complete CleanSpace Encapsulation System. 

Project Summary

PowerBrace: 24

SmartJacks: 32

CleanSpace Liner: 3,296 sq. ft.

CleanSpace Liner: 396 linear ft.

SaniDry Sedona Dehumidifiers: 2

Condensate Pumps: 2

EverLast Crawl Space Door: 1

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