Crawl Space Repair Case Studies: Crawl Space Water Issue Byron, GA Home is Fixed by Lowcountry Basement Systems

Friday, June 21st, 2019 by Michael Connolly


Moisture under this home had been causing problems for years. Previous attempts to fix the moisture, and settlement problems had ultimately failed.

The joists, beams, and subfloor had weakened over time as it was exposed to moisture. The additional crawl space support columns installed by a third-party sank into the ground. Mold was growing on the wood support structures and the subfloor insulation was falling. Puddles of water were documented during the inspection.


Lowcountry Basement Systems took the following steps to fix the crawl space foundation.

First, the debris under the home was removed, including the existing disheveled black plastic. Drainage matting, a dimpled plastic sheet, was used to cover the earth to promote good drainage over the entire crawl space floor. On top of the drainage matting, CleanSpace liner was used to isolate the home from the earth. CleanSpace linear is a very durable, 20-mil plastic sheet material designed to reduce moisture, remove humidity, and reduce infiltration of pests from getting into the crawl space. The project required 2,073 square feet of CleanSpace liner.

CleanSpace liner was also used to wrap the crawl space columns. The 10 crawl space vents were sealed and the crawl space door was replaced with an EverLast Crawl Space Door. EverLast Crawl Space Doors are made from 1/2-inch PVC plastic so it won’t rot or rust.

One SmartSump sump pump with a WaterWatch Alarm was installed to remove the collected water from the crawl space. A SaniDry Sedona dehumidifier with a condensate pump was installed and connected to the SuperSump.

The system significantly reduced the humidity under the home and pumped away water collected from the crawl space.

Project Summary

Debris Removal: 2,073 square feet

Drainage Matting: 2,073 square feet

CleanSpace Liner: 2,073 square feet to cover the earth

CleanSpace Liner: 220 square feet to cover the crawl space columns and foundation wall

WaterWatch Alarm: 1

Sealed Vents: 10

SaniDry Sedona Dehumidifier: 1

SuperSump Sump Pump: 1

EverLast CrawlSpace Door: 1

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