TV Station Invites Rob Videon for Special Guest Appearance on Mid-Morning Live Show

Wednesday, September 12th, 2018 by Michael Connolly

TV Station Invites Rob Videon for Special Guest Appearance on Mid-Morning Live Show - Image 1

This morning, our owner, Rob Videon made a special guest appearance on WTOC during the Mid-Morning Live show. Rob was invited by the hosts to speak on a popular topic this time of year: moisture under a home.

Rob was able to shed some light on the things that contribute to excess moisture under homes, especially in the southeast part of the country. “Hot summers and cold damp crawl spaces create more humidity under the home,” said Rob. “Homes were meant to be enclosed, conditioned and insulated,” he added.

“Why do we have an open space for vermin, moisture and water that affect the home to get in there? It is just not a good idea, so we are fixing them.”

Rob was asked by one of the hosts if it were a good idea to keep crawl spaces open. Rob replied: “Depending on the location of the home and flood requirements, if you are near the floodplain, we can put in hydrostatic flood vents that are insulated and sealed so that if there is a flood issue the water can come in and be pumped via sump pump, when the flood recedes, everything can go back to normal again.”

“If you are above the floodplain, we can seal it off without any issues. We can dehumidify it. We can insulate the walls. We can seal off the ground moisture. We can eliminate the conditions that lead to fungal and microbial growth, which is essentially mold. You don’t want that growing under your home because 50-percent of the air you breathe comes from your crawl space.”

“Signs of foundation related issues in a home”, said Rob, “include buckling floors, bowing floors, and floors that cup. Mold and condensation on windows, and musty funky smells. Termites are a sign of damp wood under your home. Sagging floors are another sign. You don’t want to let these things go in your home, they only get worse.”


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