Crawl Space Repair Customer Testimonial from Amy M. in Savannah, GA

When Amy M. first moved into her new Savannah, GA home, the first thing she noticed was a strong musty smell all over the house, especially during the rainy season.

Soon enough she began seeing signs of mold growth in one of the closets, and in her son's room.

As a result of breathing in mold spores, her child would need breathing treatments every time he had a cold.

She then called Lowcountry Basement Systems for help and, upon inspection, our system design specialist detected the single source of all Amy's mold problems: the crawl space.

After we sealed and dehumidified the crawl, things improved considerably for Amy and her family. The house now smells fresh, year round and her son hasn't had the need for another breathing treatment ever since.

"I haven't seen mold again and... my son is a lot healthier", says Amy.

- Amy M. of Savannah, GA
Monday, October 23rd

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