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Learn more about Lowcountry Foundation Repair's recent work requests in Charleston, SC
Vicinity of Ashleyhall Plantation in Charleston
Utility room floods during rain storms
Vicinity of Nellview Dr in Charleston
Mortar under Windows are cracked and few bricks are cracked.
Vicinity of Chadwick Drive in Charleston
Moisture barrier in crawl space
Vicinity of Stoney Street in Charleston
Looking to get an inspection/quote for buckling floor and high level moisture in my crawl space.
Vicinity of Whispering Marsh Dr in Charleston
We have hardwood floors cupping and due, almost certainly, to high humidity in out crawlspace and need a solution. Probably encapsulation, but willing to consider all options
Vicinity of Tidal View Lane in Charleston
Crawl space encapsulation cost
Vicinity of Maple St in Charleston
I have insulation hanging in my crawl space and would like it fixed
Vicinity of Bounty Square Drive in Charleston
Ground water leaks into elevator closet when heavy rain. There is no elevator yet.
Vicinity of Town Creek Drive in Charleston
Cracks and uneven driveway
Vicinity of Flint St in Charleston
I recently purchased a house, and the previous owner reportedly put 4 piers/pillars on one corner; however, I have now found out that the work was never done. I would like a free estimate for the work needed. Thanks! -Matthew
Vicinity of Rutledge in Charleston
We are interested in fixing the sloping floor in our addition of our 1890 house in downtown Charleston. Would you be able to provide a quote? Thank you! Laura
Vicinity of Mathis Ferry Road in Charleston
Interested to know if my foundation has caused a long crack in in brick mortar. Appears as if mortar separated from the brick. Thank you.
Vicinity of Governors Walk in Charleston
Foundation repair needed
Vicinity of Dewey in Charleston
Looking for help with sagging joists. Thank you.
Vicinity of Till Rd in Charleston
I have a contract on this property and the inspection report came back with a bunch of foundation issues. I need a quote to fix it so I can move forward. The due diligence window closes Friday so I need a quote asap. I can send you the complete inspection report. Can I please get someone out in the next day or two? Thanks!
Vicinity of Beechcraft St in Charleston
Hello! I am about ready to sell my house and got a pre-listing inspection, and I have a pier in my crawl space that has apparently dropped down to a sinkhole/void. Also, I need fungi treatment and a vapor barrier as well and would like an estimate for that. Thanks!
Vicinity of Brigadier Drive in Charleston
The floor is uneven and appears to be sagging in some areas.
Vicinity of OHear Avenue in Charleston
Hello, we have a brick pillar (one of two main supports) on our front porch that has a slight lean to it. I'd like a quote for leveling her out. Thank you.
Gail W. Charleston, SC
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Vicinity of Arborwood Drive in Charleston
I have an issue with my foundation. Please call to discuss and set up a time. Thanks!
Vicinity of Carnegie Avenue in Charleston
Few wall cracks and nail pops I wanted to have evaluated to see if there is an underlying concern or simply settling.
Vicinity of Oakdale Pl in Charleston
Crawl space work
Vicinity of Grove St in Charleston
Need a quote on making basement flood safe
Vicinity of Secessionville Rd in Charleston
Uneven floors (structural support), clean and protect crawl space area.
Vicinity of Sothel Ave in Charleston
I am purchasing this home and need to know what I am getting myself into in terms of crawlspace and foundation issues.
Vicinity of Izard Ct in Charleston
Some sagging areas in floors, would like recommendations and estimates. Thanks!
Vicinity of Woodside Drive in Charleston
I would like to a warmer house in the winter and a colder house in the summer.
Vicinity of Doncaster Dr in Charleston
Crawl space dampness. Sagging Supports. Had to have fan, some temporary repairs to floor joist and support pillar to close on house last year. Looking for a more extensive solution for sagging and encapsulate crawl space to prospect the structure long term.
Vicinity of Apollo Rd in Charleston
Older 1930's house with load bearing wall in the center of the house that is dropping. Hoping to support and raise near plumb.
Vicinity of Moultrie in Charleston
Install vapor barrier in crawl space
Vicinity of Oceanview Rd. in Charleston
Need estimate for crawl space repair. Call after 2:30 as I won't be able to answer at work. Thanks
Vicinity of Bruce Street in Charleston
Need evaluation of crawl space for installation of moisture barrier
Vicinity of in Charleston
Looking to control moisture and humidity in crawl space - need advice and estimates. Please call to arrange a time to consult.
Vicinity of White Point Blvd in Charleston
Falling insulation and moisture in crawl space
Vicinity of Mueller Drive in Charleston
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Vicinity of Hampden Ct in Charleston
We have flooring that is buckling and we need to determine the issue and then re-mediate it. We are seeking inspections and understanding to the problem.
Vicinity of Carverwood Ln. in Charleston
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Vicinity of C in Charleston
I need a sump pump installed beside my driveway and to pump out about 10' to the road.
Vicinity of Covey Lane in Charleston
Need someone to help fix a duct and repair plastic sealing under my place. Need quote for sure!
Vicinity of Bull St in Charleston
Water leaking into basement through foundation. Need outside and inside repaired.
Vicinity of Burningtree Road in Charleston
We have lots of moisture in the house. We run 2 dehumidifiers. Crawl space in not wet and have good ventilation.
Vicinity of Stratton Dr in Charleston
I currently can not access my entire crawlspace and need an a quote for an additional door installed.
Vicinity of Wedgewood St in Charleston
Need to put in a vapor barrier and fix crawl space
Vicinity of Seacroft Rd. in Charleston
Foundation/structural issues in a crawl-space home. Sagging, uneven floors have led to tile cracking.
Vicinity of Tall Sail Drive in Charleston
Need estimate to install helical peir supports in foundation of condo building I manage. We already have engineering plans ready for bid.
Vicinity of Orange Grove Rd in Charleston
Missing insulation, fungal growth, 50 year old house, overall not so healthy crawl space. So we thought, okay let's give the pros a shot and hear what they going to say. Looking forward about meeting you guys. Thank you.
Vicinity of Howle Ave in Charleston
Hello, I have a vented crawl space on a 1950s home. I am interested in getting an estimate for a vapor barrier over the ground, and possibly adding insulation. Thank you.
Vicinity of Coker Ave in Charleston
House settling
Vicinity of Bogard Street in Charleston
I need to have repairs done on a house I am purchasing. Would like to get quote from you. Thanks!
Vicinity of GATEWOOD ST in Charleston
Wall cracks and sloping floor
Vicinity of Nevis Trail in Charleston
We are having cupping of floors. The house is only 5 years old.
Vicinity of Wappoo Hall Rd in Charleston
The main part of our house was built in 1930 with two small additions added in 2009. The crawl space is damp and full of junk, and we frequently get a musty odor in the house, in spite of fans that circulate air down there.
Vicinity of Birthright Street in Charleston
Vicinity of Sylvan Shores Dr in Charleston
Humidity in crawl space
Vicinity of Paradise Lake Drive in Charleston
Have noticed mold underneath house on boards and have hard woods pressing up
Vicinity of Etiwan Park St in Charleston
Crawl space has slightly elevated moisture. Need new vapor barrier.
Vicinity of N Godfrey Park Pl in Charleston
Encapsulation floors uneven
Vicinity of Grimball Rd Ext in Charleston
Crawl space have moisture problem. Need encapsulation.
Vicinity of Gordon St in Charleston
Some sagging floors in house built in 1940; pier crawl space foundation; need some support
Vicinity of W. Harrison Road in Charleston
I have mold in my crawl space according to termite control company.
Vicinity of Kenilworth Avenue in Charleston
Heavy rains cause basement flooding. I believe a sump pump is the only answer, but want an estimate.
Vicinity of River Reach Way in Charleston
Garage floor has cracks causing water to leak through during heavy rains
Vicinity of Lynn St. in Charleston
Need moisture control
Vicinity of Pine in Charleston
Need estimate
Vicinity of Stocker Dr in Charleston
Vicinity of Somerset Dr. in Charleston
Shaky floors along one length of my home, crack in wall above a door, some broken and skinking concrete.
Vicinity of Honeysuckle Lane in Charleston
Curious what the cost might be for new crawlspace plastic
Vicinity of Sol Legare Road in Charleston
I'm in need of an estimate for rim joist repair or replacement. Termite damage has caused joist and rim joist rot. 800 sq ft, 1 story house with a crawl space. Floors need to be torn up so access can be from inside or out.
Vicinity of St Andrews in Charleston
Vicinity of Marsh Flower Lane in Charleston
Need crawl space cleanup with insulation replacement.
Vicinity of Morton Ave in Charleston
Improvements to part if crawl space for better insulation and moisture control. The majority of our crawl space is already encapsulated.
Vicinity of Woodside Dr in Charleston
Encapsulating crawl space
Vicinity of Pembroke in Charleston
Neeed a new moisture barrier and moisture control
Vicinity of Cannon St. in Charleston
Two adjacent buildings where repair of AC ducts identified disrupted vapor barrier installed 7 years ago, along with some mildew and falling insulation. Area is flooding prone, so I wish to protect the buildings as much as possible. kms
Vicinity of HUTTON PL in Charleston
We are having issues with un-level floors, noticing cracks, walls & cabinets separating from the ceiling. I believe we have issues with our pillars after Matthew and Irma. Is it possible to get an assessment and estimate for this these issues?
Vicinity of Saint Julian Drive in Charleston
I think I'm having some kind of problem with my floor supports in the crawl space. I'm noticing some of the floor boards separating in the interior of my home as well and some of the crown molding separating where they join at the corners.
Vicinity of Bounty Square Drive in Charleston
Interested in installing a french drain and need sump pump service.
Vicinity of America Street in Charleston
As per the inspection before o bought the house, there is a high moisture reading. I would like a quote for a moisture barrier/vents.
Vicinity of Rookery Lane in Charleston
Want estimate for encapsulating under my home
Vicinity of Village Rd in Charleston
Recently discovered multiple water leaks in crawl space, concerned about structural damage and mold. Water leaks were addressed today.
Vicinity of Middleburry Lane in Charleston
We are having moisture trouble in our first floor of our home. It is built on a slab. Hope you can help.
Vicinity of Seton Place in Charleston
Crawl space encapsulation
Vicinity of Golfview Dr in Charleston
Approx 840 sq ft of crawl space encapsulated. Hardwood floors buckling in several areas, some severe. I've had my living room area floors replaced twice with new subfloor and joists. I keep my home pretty cool most of the time. Crawl space tapers from 23 inches from the front of the house to about 14 inches give or take to the back towards the kitchen. My master bedroom, kitchen and laundry is on slab concrete. It's a small 1550 sq ft home. I need some help resolving this before I get ready to sell and upgrade to a larger home on James island. We're running out of room here. Time to get a larger home. Thank you so much. I need yall's advise and help.
Vicinity of in Charleston
Looking for ideas on what to do with Crawlspace. New to Charleston. Trying to get estimates this week (not Friday) or early next week.
Vicinity of Lindendale Ave in Charleston
I have been dealing with heightened moisture problems (up to 96%) inside my home. I do not have a vapor barrier in my crawl space, but have a closed cell spray foam building envelope. I am looking for some advice to see if I need to do anything with my crawl space.
Vicinity of Delahow St in Charleston
Mold , wet yucky crawlspace insulation fallling down
Vicinity of Anita Dr in Charleston
I would like to receive a quote for a crawl space encapsulation at my home. Thanks
Vicinity of Briarfield Ave in Charleston
The hardwood floors in one room in my home are swelling very badly, and another room could be cupping.
Vicinity of Cross Street in Charleston
I have water collecting around 85% of the perimeter of my home's crawl space. It's like a moat. Possibly four inches deep in spots. Want to figure out why and remedy ASAP.
Vicinity of Mapleton Ave in Charleston
We have water issues under the house.
Vicinity of Wedge Park in Charleston
I have standing water in the crawl space.
Vicinity of Cape Street in Charleston
Hello! We are in flood zone AE, and we have an attached garage that is lower than the elevation of our house. The garage does not have any flood vents, so as a result our premiums are really high. I'd love to get an estimate on how much it would be to properly vent the garage. Thanks, Katherine Matthews
Vicinity of Saint James Dr. in Charleston
I recently purchased a home that needs work in the crawl space (mold remediation, and limited structural repairs). I need an estimate on the necessary work. Please email me if you need additional information.
Vicinity of Fulton Street in Charleston
Would like a quote to reinstall moisture barrier and insulate crawlspace. Existing insulation / moisture barrier has been disturbed during a renovation. Flooring contractor indicated 1st floor moisture level is high. Thank you.
Vicinity of Carmel Drive in Charleston
I am a Realtor and my clients have their home under contract, but they are told they will have to fix a section of foundation that was built with wood to soil supports.
Vicinity of Lantern St in Charleston
Home has gaps in bricks and slooping floors. Want to know the feasibility of fixing.
Vicinity of Tara Road in Charleston
We have water intrusion into the lower level of our home. We also are interested in having our craw space waterproofed/sealed. Thank you for your time.
Vicinity of Daniel Island Dr in Charleston
Townhouse on Daniel island Musty smell in the house Have pulled out all my crawl space insulation
Vicinity of Ashton St in Charleston
Charleston single recently renovated with new foundation. Seems to need support down the centerline the length of the house. Would appreciate an estimate.
Vicinity of in Charleston
I need an estimate right away as I am trying to sell my house. Very much appreciated. Thank you.
Vicinity of Tayside Court in Charleston
Our house is on a slab and we had water wicking inside one year ago; ruined floors and walls. Our garage gets wet during big rains. Curious if we can seal the foundation.
Vicinity of Westway Dr in Charleston
Need an estimate on crawl space after the floods. Seems really wet with mold and floor is delaminating.

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