Home Foundation Repair Case Studies

Push Piers Stabilize and Lift Foundation in Forsyth, GA
This Forsyth, GA homeowner was concerned about his foundation settling. He noticed cracks appearing in his walls. The Lowcountry Basement Systems inspector found cracks under...
Push Pier System Stabilizes and Lifts Gray, GA Foundation
Wilbur S. of Gray, GA had a crack in his foundation wall. The corner of his home had sunk and the foundation cracked during the process. He wanted to fix the problem and prevent...
Sinking Home on Lake in Macon, GA  Stablized with Helical Piers and SmartJa...
Edna W. of Macon, GA had been experiencing problems with her foundation since 1992, just two years after it was built. The house was located on a hill, next to a lake. At...
Sinking Terrace Stabilized in Macon, GA
Teresa R. of Macon, GA had a beautiful elevated terrace supported by a brick wall. The terrace, a concrete slab, had sunk two inches at some points created a tripping hazard...
Slab Piers Installed on Front Porch in Macon, GA for Commercial Client
Precision Builders of Macon GA, called Lowcountry Basements Systems to help with a small porch project. The location was at the home of Chris in Macon. Chris noticed a large...
Residential Multi-Foundation Support System in Macon, GA
Mr. Tanner, owner of a home in Macon, GA requested a free inspection of his foundation. Lowcountry Basement Systems’ inspector, Brian Hunter interviewed Mr. Tanner....
Fishbowl Foreclosure_Increased Property Value over $100k
A few years ago, a gentlemen bought a foreclosure for less than $20,000. The seller recognized the severe problems with the house and didn’t see any value in the property...
Slab Pier in Warner Robins, GA
This single family home was constructed in 2003 with masonry (brick). The front patio consisted of an exposed, floating concrete pad with the brick face of the home laying...
Helical Piles Secure Brick Wall at Bonaire, GA Home
Frank of Bonaire, GA had a problem in his backyard. His brick fence started leaning two years ago. He had called other companies for help but none would go out to his house....
1850's Home is Stabilized by Lowcountry Basement Systems
In 2017, Monica K. of Hawkinsville, GA purchased a home that was built around 1850. During the inspection she noticed a crack in the porch and wanted to stabilize the floors...
Sinking, Settling Home Stabilized WIth SmartJacks, Helical Piers in Danvill...
Ricky D. of Danville, GA owned a 128-year-old home that was sinking and settling on one side. The home was moved 11 years ago; that’s when Ricky started to notice the...
Home Insurance Company Requires Hazlehurst, GA Foundation to be Fixed
Gloria B. of Hazlehurst, GA had a routine home inspection to comply with her homeowners insurance policy. During the inspection, the inspector noticed a large crack in Gloria’s...
Main Beam and Joists Replaced Under Millen, GA Home
Kenneth B. of Millen, GA had multiple problems in his crawl space. Some of the supporting piers were sinking; the main beam and 11 of the joists under his home were weak and...
Real Estate Agent Recognizes Need to Repair Foundation
Lowcountry Basement Systems was called to the home of Clint Land of Brooklet, GA to inspect a sinking foundation. Clint had been advised by his realtor to fix his foundation...
Sinking, Settling Home Stabilized in Pembroke, GA
Christy and Don B. of Pembroke, GA noticed signs of settlement in their home. The windows and doors were sticking, the floors were uneven, and cracks in the drywall appeared....
Total Case Studies: 29

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