Home Foundation Repair Case Studies: Geo-Lock Anchors Rincon, GA

Wednesday, September 19th, 2012 by Nancy Videon


This two-story home was constructed on a .3 acre low-lying lot which backed up to a woody area. The homeowner previously had the lot filled and raised with dirt with a timber retainage wall for support. The soil started to push out, causing the timber wall to become unstable.

The homeowner had our Inspector evaluate the wall to make a plan to strengthen and support the retainage wall.


The Lowcountry Basement Foundation Team installed nine (9) Geo-Lock anchors to stabilize the retainage wall. Galvanized earth anchors were embedded deep in the stable soil 12' out from the foundation wall. The earth anchors were connected to galvanized steel beams on the exterior of the retainage wall by threaded, galvanized steel rods. Once all of the Geo-Lock anchors were installed, the system was tightened, and the retainage wall was pulled back and supported. The nine (9) Geo-Lock anchors were installed in 1-1/2 days.

Best of all, the engineered system provided peace-of-mind to the homeowners knowing their home's retainage wall was once again stable and secure.

"Everyone was extremely friendly. I appreciated the project updates throughout the process." Timothy H.

Project Summary

Inspector: Robert Videon

Project Foreman: Russell Hester

About the author
Nancy Videon lives in Rincon, GA and is the co-owner and COO of Lowcountry Foundation Repair.

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